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Sunday, February 17, 2013

NEW MIXTAPE: Leave That Country Sh-- To Us {KS Classic Edition}

ltcstucover (2)

DJ Black Bill Gates & Core DJ Cube add a classic to the King Sh*t Mixtape brand! "Leave That Country Sh*t To Us" is filled with classic southern grit, avoiding the more commercial playlists that plague other "classic" tapes. The soon to be favorite dropped earlier today on livemixtapes.com and the reviews are in! Maurice Garland (C.Loafing, XXL, Source) wrote:

"Shawty. If you are from the South, you have to download this immediately.

DJ Black Bill Gates and Core DJ Cube have messed around and made a tape that will remind you of the days where you used to dub all of your favorite songs from your music collection on to a tape and swap them with friends. I’m talking about straight up 1996-1998 behavior shawty. I’m talking back when we used to buy a tape or CD and listen to everything BUT the radio single. Playa Fly? Big Mike? Mr. Mike? Crime Boss and Tela shawty!?!?!?!? They even got that Mac and Soulja Slim “Can I Ball?” on here shawy. That UGK “Tossed Up” too!?!?….whoooooooooow.

This tape for folks who used to buy up everything at A to Z, Peppermint, Super Sounds…and I forget the name of the store that used to be next door to Prime Time barbershop on Wesley Chapel. This tape ain’t nothing but folks favorite songs and rare tracks from soundtracks and compilations.

Maaaaaaaan. Seeing this has made my day, for real. This is some RNS if I’ve ever seen it shawty. This is so needed. Cats out here thinking this South shit started in 2005. GTFOH. This is a history lesson, class is in session folks. Man I hope this ain’t the first and only one they make."













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